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The Management Committee of the WPFA, all of whom are volunteers, are unashamedly committed to helping our members (the victims) by representing their interests at many Government  meetings

We also organise therapeutic activities such as creative writing, art, family away days (for example day trips to Armagh Planetarium, Pantomime and W5 – to name but a few).

Social activities have proved extremely beneficial for our members, meeting together for respite for two to three days has also proved to be very beneficial to their physical and mental well being.

Members often receive various complementary therapies to help them cope with the trauma they have suffered whilst serving their community. Aroma therapy, reflexology, craniosacral therapy all go towards helping with the trauma of the terrible injuries they have suffered.

The direct benefits that flow from this include, improving the quality of life for the beneficiaries who wish to achieve their full potential in spite of their disabilities and challenges. These benefits can be evidenced through the current Monitoring and Evaluation process operated by the group. It includes verbal and written communication both with the membership and with funders.

The benefits which flow from this purpose include monitoring the administration of all disability and welfare monetary issues and offering necessary support and advice through networking. Another direct benefit is that all those suffering disabilities have their voice heard and do not feel isolated. The benefits can be evidenced through verbal and written discussion and reporting on individual events. This includes liaising with the membership and funders.

The benefits which flow from this purpose include the provision of a variety of activities which provide social interaction thus preventing social isolation and improving the individual’s quality of life. The organisation organises events where the injured, the carers and families, many of whom have know each other for a life time, can share experiences and find empathy. These benefits will be evidenced by, the monitoring and evaluation process established to meet standards from funding requirements. 4. The direct benefits flowing from t

his purpose include befriending, integration, advocacy, social interaction, education and training. People are shown empathy which improves their health and well-being. The benefits will be evidenced through the clear monitoring and evaluation at a level of the minimum standard required by funders and both with verbal and written communication

The direct benefits to flow from this purpose include networking with like-minded groups i.e. disability, health, age, victim and other socially challenged groups. Another direct benefit is working with organisations that may have different viewpoint and thus educating these organisations and creating bonds. These benefits are evidenced through feedback.

The direct benefits which flow from this purpose include integration, encourage self-growth, networking, befriending to prevent social isolation and increase social opportunities in a group and individual context. There is also learning for those generations not affected by the past, that leads to greater understanding and respect.

These benefits are evidenced through monitoring and evaluation exercises. There is no private benefit flowing from this purpose. The purposes of out Charity may lead to the following harm – WPFA exist through funding and if it were to dry up our therapeutic programme of events would fail to exist. We can show that this harm is outweighed by the benefits through the value the membership gain from funding the events. The charities beneficiaries are the former /serving police officer who has suffered physical and /or psychological injuries, their spouse/partner, direct family of the officer and the carers. There are also the wider beneficiaries of the general public that the organisation informs of the past and helps to raise issues affecting those that are disabled and also carers rights. All private benefit is incidental and necessary. The overall aim of our organisation also increases the efficiency of the forces of law and order that the organisation is able highlight the issues faced by those serving and having served in the forces of law and order.

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